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DAT Minyan

Rabbinic Search Update

We are excited to announce that Rabbi Joseph Friedman has accepted the position of Rabbi of the DAT Minyan and will arrive in Denver August 8. Read more.

Help Us Help Rabbi Narrowe

While Rabbi Narrowe is deployed in Afghanistan, we are sending him care packages. Learn more.


Local Kashrut Alert: King Soopers Cakes

The coloring used in printing certain types of pictures for King Soopers cakes is no longer kosher. For more information, we recommend contacting the Va’ad at 303-595-9349.

Keep Up With MP3 Audio

Missed a recent weekday class? Catch up on our Audio page - updated almost daily!

Featured Class: Tefillah Prep with Ellyn Hutt

Start your Shabbat morning off right with this invigorating half-hour Tefillah preparatory class with community educator Ellyn Hutt. Meet our Adult Education Department.

Fri, 3 July 2015 16 Tammuz 5775