The DAT Minyan prides itself on an active volunteer program and is grateful for the help of the many members whose volunteer efforts help to maintain our congregation on an ongoing basis. We have a wide variety of opportunities available for additional volunteers, particularly in the area of Kiddush coordination and setup. Or, perhaps you have a special skill or interest you would like to utilize in a volunteer capacity at The DAT Minyan. Either way, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact our Executive Director, Rob Allen, at 720-941-0479, or rallen@datminyan.org.


Are you able and available to lein?

We thank all of those who contribute to our Shabbat services by signing up to help with our weekly leining. We remain in need of continued help with this and all able-leiners are encouraged to please volunteer! In addition, with a goal of expanding our roster of Haftarah readers, we have now opened up the weekly Haftarah portions for sign-up as well.  To sign-up for leining, please click here.  For additional questions and information, please contact Steve Hutt.

Sun, June 24 2018 11 Tammuz 5778