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About Us

The DAT Minyan is a Modern Orthodox synagogue on the East Side of Denver, affiliated with the Orthodox Union. Our synagogue is friendly and welcoming. It is dedicated to enhancing Jewish connection and observance, religious Zionism, and giving all members of the community an exciting and meaningful religious experience.

The DAT Minyan has experienced tremendous growth since 2005.  It transitioned from a small Shabbat morning minyan to a full service synagogue with a growing membership of over 130 units (families, couples and singles). The shul enjoys a diverse constituency, with members of all ages and religious and educational backgrounds. On Shabbat morning our youth program accommodates over 70 children and the entryway is crowded with strollers. The DAT Minyan has a strong partnership with Denver NCSY, the fastest growing chapter in the Southwest region.  Our shul is led by Rabbi Joseph Friedman who utilizes his extraordinary speaking and teaching talents to inspire our membership.  

Our shul offers opportunities for growth in learning, prayer, and interpersonal relationships . The Adult Education Program organizes classes on varied levels to appeal to individuals across the spectrum of Jewish knowledge and learning skills. In addition to Rabbi Friedman's numerous classes throughout the week, we enjoy learning from many in our talented membership, both men and women.  DAT Minyan women are known for their love of Torah learning; the shul has for many years offered a popular women's shiur each Sabbat afternoon taught primarily by other women. Our community makes an effort to ensure that  every person who walks through our doors feels welcomed and at home.

The DAT Minyan community prides itself on a meaningful tefilah experience in an environment appropriate for connecting with God.  Davening without talking to others is a core value which everyone helps to create and results in an experience that is both meaningful and beautiful. 

Our gratitude for the State of Israel, reishit tzmichat geulateinu, is evident through our tefilot, learning, speakers, and programming.  Our shul has the largest representation at AIPAC'S Policy Conference of any Colorado synagogue, and our Rabbi serves on the AIPAC National Council, Rabbinic section and Military Outreach section.   Many of our members have made aliyah over the years, and while we miss them, we are thrilled to lose them to our homeland. 

There are many opportunities to become involved in our shul and meet new people.  Please consider joining us and become a member! 

Mon, July 6 2020 14 Tammuz 5780