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03/29/2020 10:20:46 AM


Good Morning and Shavua Tov!


DENVER COMMUNITY REGISTRY: As reported last week, Rachmana Litzlan, the virus has struck members of our own community. It is crucial that those who are positively diagnosed let others know. In addition, by being informed, we can pray on their behalf for a speedy recovery. To this end, we have created a registry...Read more...

March 26 UPDATE: Good Stuff Today!

03/26/2020 09:44:15 AM


Good Thursday morning, and Chodesh Tov! It is the first day of Nisan, the month in which we are assured of our redemption – may we be redeemed from this horrible plague, and may we merit seeing Biyat HaGoel BiMeheira B’Yameinu!


Please note these important announcements:

OU DAILY...

Update 3/25: Selling Chametz, Burning Chametz, Kashering Dishes, etc.

03/25/2020 04:22:15 PM


Good afternoon! I am sorry for not sending this out this morning, but I had a time conflict.


Please note these important announcements:

OU DAILY TEHILLIM: Join the Orthodox Union community for the recitation of Tehillim (in ethe ArtScroll: chapters 20 – p. 152, 27 – p. 170, and 130 –...Read more...

Wednesday 3/25: Day of Prayer and Fasting

03/24/2020 03:40:49 PM


Dear Friends, 

I am assiduously trying to stick to no more than one email a day. No one likes to have their Inbox flooded. However, this is an exception.

There are two seperate announcements - one from the OU, and one specific for the DAT Minyan. What...Read more...


03/24/2020 09:30:07 AM


Good Tuesday morning, DAT Minyan community!

We have a few important announcements today (tomorrow, G-d willing, I will post information regarding Mechirat Chametz, Biur Chametz, Siyum Bechorim and more!):

     1. Joint Statement to the Orthodox Community Regarding Pesach:

Rabbinic leaders and organizations across the Orthodox spectrum have, individually, declared the health threat presented by COVID-19 a...Read more...

Monday 3/23 Update: Toiveling dishes and other fun stuff!

03/23/2020 10:44:46 AM


Good morning, DAT Minyan community!


I am sorry I didn’t send out a message yesterday – but today is a new day!

DAILY OU TEHILLIM: Join the Orthodox Union community for the recitation of Tehillim (chapters 20, 27 and 130) – todays Divrei Chizuk (words of inspiration) will be shared by Rabbi Zev Goldberg of the Young Israel of Fort Lee. To participate, please dial 773-377-9170. NEW OU WOMEN’S...Read more...

Thursday Mar 19 Update: Mazal Tov and time change

03/19/2020 10:26:37 AM


Rabbi Friedman

Good morning, DAT Minyan community!

1. PESACH CLASS: Last night's Pesach class had around 30 people in attendance. I am working on getting the video posted for those who could not attend. Next week, we will discuss "Leading a Seder."

2. MAZAL TOV: This morning, during our Virtual Minyan, we made history! We did the first (that I know of) Virtual Baby Naming! We named Elissa and Kenny Harcsztark's new baby daughter, Malka...Read more...

Tuesday, 3/17/2020

03/17/2020 09:30:43 PM


Good evening, friends! I trust everyone is well tonight!

1. I want to remind everyone we have a Virtual (non)Minyan everyday, at our regularly scheduled times. Click here to access it from your phone/computer:

Be sure to give Zoom access to your audio and video. 


- Call any of these numbers, and use Meeting ID: 637 344 5618
+13462487799,,6373445618#...

Updated OU Guidance for Synagogues/Communities

03/16/2020 02:36:06 PM


Rabbi Friedman

The following are our most current, recommended policies for shuls and communities, as of Monday March 16, 2020. The situation, of course, continues to evolve at a rapid pace and thus these guidelines are formulated based solely on currently available information and advice. Significant developments have compelled this updating of the guidelines we issued on Friday March 13.

The Orthodox Union has convened a highly sophisticated...

Monday's Update: Shiur w/ Natan Sharansky and more

03/16/2020 08:14:53 AM


Rabbi Friedman

Good morning, DAT Minyan community!

Our Zoom Mincha-Maariv yesterday and Shacharit this morning got rave reviews! We learned on behalf of those for whom Kaddish is being said, as well as recited Tehillim. We will continue with Mincha this afternoon at 6:50pm, and Shacharit tomorrow at 6:35.

This, from OpenDor Media (formerly Jerusalem U):

1) In our efforts to continue supporting everyone’s needs and desires for...Read more...

03/15/2020 09:58:58 AM


Rabbi Friedman

Adar 19, 5780
March 15, 2020

Dear Friends, 

As our understanding of COVID-19 increases, so does our response. 

1. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, all weekday Minyanim are canceled (in addition to Shabbat Minyanim, which were cancelled on Friday).

I would urge everyone to listen to this 7-minute podcast, by Uri Bulow - an MD/PhD candidate in the Molecular Biology department...Read more...

03/13/2020 03:20:12 PM


Rabbi Friedman

Adar 17, 5780
March 13, 2020

Dear Friends, 

As you all know, the situation we are facing globally is very fluid; guidance is changing constantly, based on new information coming in from all over. 

At noon today, the Orthodox Union sent out its lastest directives to its congregations, based on the guidance of HaRav Hershel Schachter שליט״א and HaRav Mordechai Willig שליט״א. It stated, in...Read more...

Thu, November 26 2020 10 Kislev 5781