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Monday's Update: Shiur w/ Natan Sharansky and more

03/16/2020 08:14:53 AM


Rabbi Friedman

Good morning, DAT Minyan community!

Our Zoom Mincha-Maariv yesterday and Shacharit this morning got rave reviews! We learned on behalf of those for whom Kaddish is being said, as well as recited Tehillim. We will continue with Mincha this afternoon at 6:50pm, and Shacharit tomorrow at 6:35.

This, from OpenDor Media (formerly Jerusalem U):

1) In our efforts to continue supporting everyone’s needs and desires for continued education during these chaotic times, we’ve added two new exciting opportunities to our offerings since Friday:

  • Live classes - Our top educators will be leading up to 3 zoom classes each day. First class begins today - Unpacking the Haggada! (See all class listings and registration at
  • #inthistogether global campaign - we’re excited to share that next Monday, March 23rd, Natan Sharansky will join our worldwide Zoom with students across the globe. He will speak with a global community of students from Australia to Alaska about Jewish Unity in History. During this time of uncertainty, social distancing and disconnection, Sharansky will help our students feel certain about their Jewish pride, and feel close and connected with their Jewish peers around the world. Sign up for the event here.

Feel free to join us for any of these activities or visit our website HERE to learn more about them or our other ready-to-use content during these times.

2) And from the Orthodox Union:

Join Us Today and Every Day at 1:00PM EDT For Tehillim and Divrei Chizuk

Due to the unfolding community crisis, we are gathering together to beseech HaKodosh Boruch Hu for His unlimited mercy and compassion. We ask Him to protect us and give us the strength to withstand the difficulties that we each may face in the time ahead.

Please join the Orthodox Union community for the recitation of Tehillim (chapters 20, 26 and 130) and divrei chizuk (words of inspiration) from our rabbanim each afternoon at 1:00PM EDT. Today’s divrei chizuk will be shared by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg of Boca Raton Synagogue.

Please use this link to connect to the call. If you are using a landline or a non-smartphone, please dial (773) 249-0370. Please note, we have greatly expanded our phone line capacity and we should be able to accommodate all callers.

May the group recitation of Tehillim serve as a zchut (merit) for those who are ill and to ward off this pandemic.

Have a safe and meaningful day!

Rabbi Friedman

Fri, July 3 2020 11 Tammuz 5780