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Wednesday 3/25: Day of Prayer and Fasting

03/24/2020 03:40:49 PM


Dear Friends, 

I am assiduously trying to stick to no more than one email a day. No one likes to have their Inbox flooded. However, this is an exception.

There are two seperate announcements - one from the OU, and one specific for the DAT Minyan. What is applicable to both is that Jewish leadership worldwide - from the entire spectrum of Orthodoxy - have called upon Jews everywhere, who are healthy, to accept upon themself a half-day fast tomorrow (Yom Kippur Katan). The fast would begin at 5:33 am and end at 1:06 pm. 

  1. This was distributed today by the OU:

Worldwide Yom Tefillah
Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan
11:30 AM EDT; 5:30 PM Israel time

We call on our communities to join the entire Jewish People in focusing extra effort on prayer throughout the day on this Wednesday, Yom Kippur Katan.

Additionally, at 11:30 am EDT, all are asked to join - from their individual homes - in the recitation of Tehillim 20, 41, 120, 130, 142, 91, followed by Avinu Malkeinu.

אבינו מלכנו מנע מגיפה מנחלתך
In response to the global pandemic of COVID-19
we, G-d fearing and believing Jews, turn our hearts and prayers
to our Father in Heaven with pleas for a speedy end to this plague;
for complete recovery for all those who are ill;
for support and encouragement for all those who are suffering and lonely;
for comfort to those who are mourning;
and for inspiration and wisdom for our researchers to find a cure.
אבינו מלכנו קבל ברחמים וברצון את תפילתנו

  1. Regarding the DAT Minyan:
    1. I encourage those who are abpe to accept upon themselves a fast tomorrow. If you are interested in learning more about Yom Kippur Katan, go to
    2. We will have our regular Virtual Minyan at 6:35 am ( or calling in at either 253-215-8782 or 301 -715-8592, using Meeting ID: 637 344 56180).
    3. We will have a SPECIAL YOM KIPPUR KATAN Prayer Event at 2:00 pm, which will include Mincha, and the Yom Kippur Katan service (approximately on hour). Here is link for the Artscroll text Yom Kippur Kotton with Mincha.
    4. The regular Virtual Mincha will take place at 7:00 pm.

DON'T EVER FORGET - Ashreinu, Mah Tov Chekeinu! How fortunate we are, how good is our portion! We have a Father in Heaven, Who is in absolute control, Who loves each of us, and Who watches over each us at all times! There is NO CHAOS, there is NO RANDOMNESS - it is on us to use this time to grow, to better ourselves, to be better freinds, and to remain focused on the "real 24 hour news source." 

Rabbi Friedman

Fri, July 3 2020 11 Tammuz 5780