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March 26 UPDATE: Good Stuff Today!

03/26/2020 09:44:15 AM


Good Thursday morning, and Chodesh Tov! It is the first day of Nisan, the month in which we are assured of our redemption – may we be redeemed from this horrible plague, and may we merit seeing Biyat HaGoel BiMeheira B’Yameinu!


Please note these important announcements:

  1. OU DAILY TEHILLIM: Join the Orthodox Union community for the recitation of Tehillim (in the ArtScroll siddur: chapters 20 – p. 152, 27 – p. 170, and 130 – p. 82). To participate, please dial 773-377-9170.
    1. Sorry: I apologize for all those who tried to get on to the ZOOM class last night; I had posted the wrong link, and only later sent out a corrected one. I will try harder in the future to confirm the URLs.
    2. ALSO: I mentioned in last night’s class that one may not use regular lettuce for Marror. See Rabbi Steinberg’s FAQ below, where he says that this year, if Romaine is unavailable, you may use regular lettuce.
    3. Videos: Here are links to the last two classes:
      1. Pesach 5780: Part I – Preparing the House and Kashering the Kitchen:
      2. Pesach 5780: Part II - Running the Seder:
  3. Today’s Class: Join me at 4:45 pm for our class on "Biographies of our Tanaim and Amoraim." Today, we will be looking at the lives of Rabban Gamliel II, Rebbi Eleazar ben Aroch, R’ Elazar ben Azarya, R’ Tarfon, and Rebbi Elazar HaModai (hopefully!). THIS CLASS IS APPROPRIATE FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL KIDS! Log on at:
  4. DAILY VIRTUAL (NON)MINYAN: Our daily attendance is growing! What a great way for both men and women in our community to start the day with positivity and unity! join us at our regularly scheduled times for Shacharit and Mincha/Maariv by logging in at: or calling in at either 253-215-8782 or 301 -715-8592, using Meeting ID: 637 344 5618.
    1. Rabbi YD Schwartz, a trained chef, is catering Pesach meals. There are options for takeout (Chol HaMoed), dips, as well as private catering. Orders are due by April 3rd. Rabbi Schwartz asks that people contact him directly with questions ( More information is available on the order form, found at
    2. The East Side Kosher Deli is still taking orders for Pesach meals, including building your Seder Plate! Their Pesach menu can be found at
  7. Rabbi Steinberg, Rav of Congregartion Zera Abraham and Av Bet Din of the Denver Bet Din, published a COVID-19 Halacha FAQ for his community. I have copied it here NOT in its entirety. I did not want to change what he wrote, but I did not feel everything was relevant for our shul community. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:
    1. If one took a test for the virus and the doctor calls on Shabbos, should he pick up the phone?
      1. Yes, with a Shinui. If (Chalila) positive, quarantine from the rest of the family as the doctor indicates.
    2. Is one who (Chalila) tested positive for the virus required to let people know?
      1. Absolutely. Speak to your Rov as to how to do that and to what extent.
    3. Since we have no Minyanim, will we need to make up Krias HaTorah of the Parshios that we missed?
      1. No. Not even Parshas Parah.
    4. If one isn’t able to get a haircut before Pesach, is there a leniency for doing so during Sefirah?
      1. Generally, no.
    5. Usually I meet with my Rov to authorize him to sell my Chometz. Can I do it remotely this year?
      1. Yes, preferably by fax, email or a webform. If that is not possible, then by telephone.
    6. This year, in consideration of the difficulties of everyone home from school and work, can I ease up on the Pesach cleaning that I usually do?
      1. As it may be difficult, you may:
        1. Leave out lining the refrigerator shelves etc. (Friedman: I recommend that every year)
        2. Leave out scrubbing refrigerator, kitchen cabinets and drawer handles
        3. Leave out scrubbing the toys. Just empty onto the floor, and replace them into their box or bin.
        4. In the car, only clean the places where the hands can reach.
    7. If I am a Bechor and I missed a Siyum, what should I do?
      1. This year, do not fast past Chatzos. If you are showing any symptoms or have been exposed, speak to your Rov.
    8. If Romaine Lettuce is unavailable, can I use regular lettuce for Marror?
      1. Yes, with a Bracha. Belgian Endives are also an option. Of course, checking for bugs is always necessary.

Have an awesome day!


Rabbi Joseph Friedman


Fri, July 3 2020 11 Tammuz 5780