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Apr 3 Update: Special Music Video, Humor, Kabbalat Shabbat, etc

04/03/2020 10:56:04 AM


Good Thursday Morning, DAT Minyan Community!

Here are today's updates:

  1. MA’OT CHITIM DEADLINE: The deadline to make contributions to the needy I our community for Pesach is TODAY at 2:00 pm. I want to be able to distribute the funds on Sunday, so we must close out the link on the website.
    1. The link to yesterday’s “Biographies of Tanaim and Amoraim” can be found here
    2. The link to yesterday’s Shabbat HaGadol Deracha can be found here.: 
  1. OU SERIES: Sunday April 5, 2020 8 pm EDT - Individuals Alone With Kids - Alone Without Kids - Coping with Unique Family Situations (Divorced Families), presented by Malka Ismach, PhD. 
  2. SPECIAL SHABBAT GIFT: In the 1980’s there was a popular Jewish album series, called, “Journeys.” Most of the songs were written by perhaps the most prolific contemporary Jewish music lyricists, Abie Rotenberg. One of the biggest hits of that album was called, “The Place Where I Belong,” a song sung by a Torah which survived the Holocaust and was trying to find its way back to a shul. In light of current events, Abie Rotenberg re-wrote the lyrics, this time about us, and our inability to be in shul. Here is the link to the new song, “The Place Where They Belong”. It will make much more sense if you listen to them in order!
  1. HUMOR: Here are some jokes to lighten the mood!
  • Homeschooling Update Day 2: My child just said that he hopes he doesn't have the same teacher next year.
  • Homeschooling Update Day 5: Today, in Science, we studied the effects of Nyquil on students
  • Homeschooling Update Day 10:I'm starting to feel like Noah - cooped up in an Ark with a bunch of animals that constantly need feeding
  • This year by the edict of the Rabbis we will not recite the story of Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Yehoshua, Rabbi Eliezer Ben Azarya and Rabbi Akiva that were sitting together in Bnai Brak as it is against Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • I have the most loving wife. Last night I woke up and she was holding a pillow tightly over my face to protect me from the Covid19 virus
  • I need to get out of this bed… I'm late for the couch
  • I feel like Darth Vader: wears a mask, socially and emotionally distant, doesn't visit his son and daughter, follow orders.
  • Stepped on my scale this morning, and it said “please use social distancing- only one person at a time.”
  • Anybody know how many days we have to daven at home before we can file for place of worship tax exemption?
  1. DERASHA AND KABALAT SHABBAT: ​​​ I will be giving my Derasha (found in the newsletter) at 6:15 pm, followed by Mincha, Tehillim, and Kabbalat Shabbat, full of singing! Gather the family around and join us at: or calling in at either 253-215-8782 or 301 -715-8592, using Meeting ID: 637 344 5618.
  1. DAILY VIRTUAL (NON)MINYAN: Join us at our regularly scheduled times for Shacharit and Mincha/Maariv by logging in at: or calling in at either 253-215-8782 or 301 -715-8592, using Meeting ID: 637 344 5618. YOU DON’T HAVE TO PUT ON THE VIDEO IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SEEN!
  1. PESACH SCHEDULE: The schedule for Pesach will appear in this week’s newsletter, and next week I will resend all the important info (Sale of Chametz, Biur Chametz, etc) as well as the schedule and my Derashot.

Have an awesome day!

Rabbi Joseph Friedman

Sun, November 29 2020 13 Kislev 5781