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Apr 6 Update: Mourners Kaddish, All Pesach Info, and more...

04/06/2020 09:08:19 AM


Good Monday Morning, DAT Minyan Community!

Today's is an important update - we are in the backstretch in our Pesach Preparations, so I have provided you today a resource sheet for the Eleventh Hour! But first, a very important announcement: 

  1. MOURNERS’ KADDISH: I received this information yesterday from Adam Lubchansky. During these trying times, IDF soldiers are staying on their bases without leave for more the 30 days at a time. This means they can continue to hold "Minyanim" and pray together, alongside compliance with regulations set by the ministry of health and the IDF. In light if this new reality, in which soldiers are among the last able to pray with a "minyan", the rabbis of the Nahal Haredi organization have launched a special program to assist all Jews in Israel and the diaspora who are unable to say Kaddish for their loved ones, by collecting the names of the deceased and giving them to the Nahal Haredi soldiers will recite Kaddish daily on their behalf. If you, or someone you know, needs to have Kaddish recited on behalf of someone who passed away, click here to submit your information. May this incredible opportunity be short-lived, as we are together soon, praying as one.
  2. OU DAILY TEHILLIM: Join the Orthodox Union community for the recitation of Tehillim (chapters 20, 27 and 130) – Today’s Divrei Chizuk will be given by Rabbi Yitzi Genack of the Riverdale Jewish Center in Riverdale, New York. To participate, please dial 773-377-9170.
  3. MA’OT CHITIM DEADLINE: The deadline passed on Friday. I am so proud to have distributed on behalf of the DAT Minyan over $6500 LOCALLY to people who are being impacted by recent events. If you are still looking to help, please consider donating to Leket Israel, Global Jewish Assistance and Relief Network, or Od Yosef Chai. They are all great organizations who are really making a difference in people’s lives. Rabbi Engel of Chabad will also be happy to help with local people in need.
  4. MECHIRAT CHAMETZ: This year, I am working with Rabbi Steinberg at Congregation Zera Abraham to sell Chametz. You can assign him as your agent by either filling out the online form or filling out the form available here and emailing it to Rabbi Steinberg at or mailing it to him at 1560 Winona Court, Denver, CO 80204.
  5. BEDIKAT CHAMETZ: The proper time for Bedikat Chametz this year as AFTER 8:12 pm.
  6. BIUR CHAMETZ: The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has asked that Coloradans not engage in “open burning” activities during the current COVID-19 response. Burning in one’s indoor fireplace is not considered an “open burn.” If you have a fireplace, I suggest the following:
    1. Do not burn bags and bags of Chametz; limit the Biur to the 10 Chametz items you put out for Bedikat Chametz the night before (i.e., Cheerios). All other Chometz should be thrown in the garbage bin outside.
    2. Make sure the burning is fast; wrap the items in tissue, or put them in a lunch bag, and burn it.
    3. Do not use last year’s Lulav as fuel, as it creates a lot of smoke.
    4. If you do not have a fireplace, simply take the 10 items, crumble them in the toilet, and flush. Say the “Kol Chamirah” (annulment of Chametz) outside of the bathroom, please!
  7. TA’ANIT BECHORIM: As we do every year, following our 6:35 am Shacharit ( or calling in at either 253-215-8782 or 301 -715-8592, using Meeting ID: 637 344 5618) at approximately 7:15 am, I will be making a Siyum. Anyone attending via Zoom is considered a participant, and is exempt from fasting. It has been suggested to me that this year, given the circumstances we find ourselves, perhaps the Firstborns should consider fasting, rather than availing themselves of the opportunity to participate in a Siyum. I leave that decision to each individual.
  8. TEVILAT KEILIM: If you have new utensils which must go to the Mikvah, and that is an impossibility, Rabbi Tzvi Steinberg has innovated a solution. He has created a “Mechirat Keilim” system, not dissimilar to Mechirat Chometz. As indicated in Shulchan Aruch and the Taz, one may give items to a non-Jew, whereby that person obtains complete ownership. This is permitted as long as one has intent to reacquire the items after a short period of time. While the items are in the ownership of the non-Jew, one may borrow those items from the gentile and use them in the interim without Tevila. Eventually, those items are reacquired, and upon reacquisition (and being cleaned for any Chatzizot/interpositions), they are Toiveled as usual. To that end, he has set up a system that will make the transactions for you. Rabbi Steinberg will be conducting a utensil sale approximately every other day. For more information, visit
  9. MIZRACHI MAGAZINE: Many of you have enjoyed reading the Mizrachi Magazine, which we would put out on the table outside of shul. Well, it is not available on the table outside of my house! Anyone is welcome to come by and pick up a copy from my porch at 527 S. Pontiac Way.
  10. MUSIC VIDEO: Don’t miss this incredibly haunting song by Israeli singing sensation Yishai Ribo, about our new reality, called Keter Melucha. I posted the lyrics in both Hebrew and English.
  11. PESACH SCHEDULE: Here is the schedule for Pesach. And here is the newest, most updated Tefilla Guide for praying alone without a Minyan over the first days of Pesach. Please note there will be a musical Havdalah on Motzaei Shabbat at 8:35 pm on Zoom!

Have an awesome day!

Rabbi Joseph Friedman

Thu, November 26 2020 10 Kislev 5781